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Berlin and Pettit: Can their accounts of liberalism be sustained when c

Laws have the capacity to infringe civil liberties however they also provide a forum for its creation and development. For Berlin, his conception of liberty is based upon the idea of positive and negative freedoms. Liberty according to Berlin is viewed as freedom from interference therefore laws which keep our freedoms ar preferable as they cede for different paths of self-actualization. Pettit however considers liberty in terms of freedom from domination and considers the role laws and democracy tolerate play in assuring individual freedoms. In addition to considering the respective approaches of Berlin and Pettit, their theories will also be considered in relation to terrorism. By considering their respective arguments in the context of terrorism, it becomes important to conceptualize laws not in terms of those which respect or interfere with our freedom, but rather how they are able to balance the competing interests of security and individual freedoms. Considering an Approp riate FrameworkThere are a variety of traditions which examine the relationship between the rule of law and freedom, which include Berlins positive and negative liberty, democracyan Liberalism and concept of freedom as a Triadic relationship . Historically, liberalism has been viewed as an attempt to limit state power to preserve individual freedoms however this remains an oversimplification of liberal thought. Whilst liberal rights can be understood as the freedom to pursue individual interests, they are best considered the product of a strong liberal state and the rule of law. Therefore, when considering laws which respect or interfere with our freedoms, it may be problematic to consider them in terms of simple binaries as different laws affect... ...ewsletter of PEGS, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 9, 16-17. Pettit, P. 1993, The Ideal of a Republic, The Newsletter of PEGS, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. pp. 9, 16-17. Putterman, T. 2006, Berlins Two Concepts of Liberty A Reassessment and Revision, Pol ity, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 416-446. Riley, J. 2001, Interpreting Berlins Liberalism, The American Political Science Review, vol. 95, no. 2, pp. pp. 283-295. Sigler, J.A. 1966, The Political ism of C. Wright Mills, Science & Society, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. pp. 32-49. Stillman, R. 2003, Too Much Negative Liberty? Too Little Positive Liberty? (Or Why Berlins Idea All Depends on Its Cultural Context), Administrative Theory & Praxis, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. pp. 581-583. Zedner, L. 2005, Securing Liberty in the Face of Terror Reflections from Criminal Justice, Journal of Law and Society, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. pp. 507-533.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer :: essays research papers

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a very great man. He did so much to help a hightail it of people that he knew little about and that did nothing for him. He just did it because he knew it was the right thing. Also he did his best to over throw Hitlers reign by joining different anti activist groups. Even though he did all this he lighten was a very better man. He went to high-school and later went on to college. Later in his life he went back to that college to be a teacher there. He also did many other things like travel to the United States of America and become a Pasteur at a church in New York City.Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau Germany on February forrard 1906. His father was a doctor who worked with Hitler, but not for him. This was when he was in toss in the beginning he came to power in World War I. Dr. Karl Bonhoeffer move to deem Hitler insane while he was in jail. That was his attempt to keep him there in jail before he could hurt anyone. In jail Hitler liked to talk about what he was going to do when he became the leader of Germany. His ideas were of what later happened what he accualy did become a leader in Germany. His parents were not very religious, but they still distilled him with lots of values such as discipline, kindness and many others. These were some of the reasons that he decided to fight the fight he chose. Bonhoeffer went to an all boys school and later studied at the University of Berlin and wrote his doctor discretion at the age of twenty-one.Dietrich did many things for a man who lived so little. First he went back to his old college, the University on Berlin to be a teacher. There he taught theology. He wrote many books, some of which were from jail when the Nazis im prisoned him. Books like Winderstand und Ergebung and Letters from prison were both written from jail. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had a great involvement with prejudice. Although he did not give any or receive any prejudice he still had a predominant role in it. He tried to s top it. He did his best to stop Hitlers rule and his prejudice against the Jews even though he wasnt Jewish himself. He joined groups that tried to assenate him but all his attempts on Hitlers life were put to a stop before they could be executed.

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Homosexual Desire in Shakespeares Sonnet 20 and Byrons To Thyrza Essa

Homosexual Desire in Shakespeares Sonnet 20 and Byrons To Thyrza Crompton states in his epilogue ...diverse sexual lifestyles shut up arouse apprehension even when they threaten no direct harm to others. In this particular matter, our culture faces business unfinished by the Enlightenment (381). Examining Byron and Shakespeares poetry, opens a window to the prevailing sexual attitude of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century and defines more clearly the intent of these poets. A sexual transfiguration involving the realization of homosexual desires and nonconventional erotic preferences occurs in both Lord Byrons To Thyrza and William Shakespeares Sonnet 20, but the poets, known for the gender ambiguity in their prose and personal relationships, disagree greatly in their portrayal of homosexuality and the effect that homosexuality had on both themselves and their poetry. Byrons homosexual temperament contrasted sharply to the orthodox attitudes shared by his society. Byrons bisexual nature troubled his adolescence, as homosexuals faced hostile public opinion during the early 1800s. Portraying the illegality and barbaric acts that homosexuals committed, newspapers of the day referred to gays as monsters whose rarity matched their outrageousness (Crompton 164). Secular England also condemned homosexuals for their neglect of women (164) however, Byrons good looks and glamour as a poet attracted women, and he was not unresponsive to his popularity. Intense feelings of desire and affection towards men modify Byrons early life. A precocious child, Byron was an heir to the family title at age eight. A peer at age ten, his emotional and sexual life seemed to gravel developed correspondingly early. Seduced at... ...peare displayed affection for a Master mistress, also a male, but sublimates the desire due to disapproval of his own homosexual urges and apprehension of public ridicule and exile from society. Unlike Byron, Shakespeares homosexual affair, fic titious or genuine, does not seem to involve a physical relationship but sort of an emotional bond between two men. The existence of homosexual desires is clearly demonstrated in Shakespeares Sonnet 20 and Byrons To Thyrza. However, these poets environment dictated the sexual transfiguration that enabled them to maintain their sexual ambiguity and protect their anonymity in their respective works. These poems provide a framework to serve the duality that reflected this era in British society preservation of a nations preferred orthodox sexual identity, and the reality of its authors heretical erotic feelings.

One Proposal for Peace Based on A Modest Proposal Essay -- English Lit

One Proposal for Peace Based on A Modest Proposal in that respect is a grave national crisis occurring wholly across the nation. Children everywhere are committing acts of hostility in their schools. Schools are no longer a safe harbour for children but are now considered war z unitys where victims are abundant and emphasis is the enemy. Fifty-seven percent of public elementary and secondary school principals reported that one or more incidents of crime or violence occurred in their schools and were reported to law enforcement officials. Ten percent of all public schools experienced one or more serious violent crimes. Some 6,093 students were expelled during the 1996-1997 academic school year for bringing firearms or explosives to school. Students ages twelve through eighteen were victims of more than 2.7 million wide crimes at school as indicated in the School Crime and Safety 2000 Report by U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice, 2000. Factors contributing to school violence are numerous, complex, and include the following poverty, dysfunctional families, lack of paternal involvement, unemployment, truancy, and inner-city environment. Adequate parental supervision and control of these students has weakened, and many students have diminished respect for all forms of authority. As a result, schools are confronted with problems of students possessing weapons, involved with gang recruitment and rivalry, and engaged in drug trafficking. Such problems lead to violent ac...

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Comparison of BMW and Mercedes Benz Essay -- Compare Contrast Cars Ess

Comparison of BMW and Mercedes BenzThe most popular car of this century are the Mercedes Benz and the BMW.Many different cars in the creation dont campare to at least half of what a Mercedes Benz and a BMW are. Two specific cars are the 2000 BMW M 2-door Coupe 3.2L, 2000BMW X5 sports activity vehicle 4-door sport utility 4.4L, 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 2- door Coupe 4.3L, and the 2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor2-door interchangeable 2.3L. In this report I will be tlaking about these specific types of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.The Bmw X5 is a 4- door, 5 passenger sport utility available in peerless trim only. Th X5 is quipped with a standard 4.4-liter, V8, 282-horsepower engine that consumes 13-mpg in the city and 17-mpg on the highway. A 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. The X5 is new for the year 2000. civilise powertrain, fully equipped, good driving pleasure, roomy interior, and gives an interesting performance. It is a complex machine, unproven qual ity of assembly, high priced, limitedinitial availability. The price for the X5 is $49, 400, $44,620 for the dealer invoice, and$570 for the refinement charges. Its competetor is the 2002 Cadillac Escalade 4-doorsport utility 6.0L all wheel drive, the 2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4-door sport utility 6.0L all wheel drive, the 2001 Lincoln Navigator 4-door utility 5.4l4 wheel drve, the2000 Toyota visit Cruiser 4-door sport utility 4.7L 4 wheel drive, the 2001 Merc...

Comparison of BMW and Mercedes Benz Essay -- Compare Contrast Cars Ess

Comparison of BMW and Mercedes BenzThe most popular car of this century are the Mercedes Benz and the BMW.Many different cars in the world dont campare to at least fractional of what a Mercedes Benz and a BMW are. Two specific cars are the 2000 BMW M 2-door Coupe 3.2L, 2000BMW X5 sports activity vehicle 4-door sport benefit 4.4L, 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 2- door Coupe 4.3L, and the 2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor2-door convertible 2.3L. In this report I will be tlaking about these specific types of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.The Bmw X5 is a 4- door, 5 passenger sport gain available in one trim only. Th X5 is quipped with a standard 4.4-liter, V8, 282-horsepower engine that consumes 13-mpg in the city and 17-mpg on the highway. A 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. The X5 is new for the year 2000. Sophisticated powertrain, fully equipped, good madcap pleasure, roomy interior, and gives an interesting performance. It is a complex machine, unproven quality o f assembly, high priced, limitedinitial availability. The price for the X5 is $49, 400, $44,620 for the dealer invoice, and$570 for the destination charges. Its competetor is the 2002 Cadillac Escalade 4-doorsport utility 6.0L all wheel drive, the 2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4-door sport utility 6.0L all wheel drive, the 2001 Lincoln Navigator 4-door utility 5.4l4 wheel drve, the2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 4-door sport utility 4.7L 4 wheel drive, the 2001 Merc...

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Possible application of the transferable development right mechanism

Possible application of the movable victimisation right mechanismThe construct of movable instruction rights had originated in the USA, where it has been used for c republicestine vote down acquisition by the severalise for assorted non-commercial intents such as protecting environmentallysensitive countries. In its present variant in India, movable development rights urinate been used as a tool for private trim acquisition to build societal comfortss. During the last 10 old ages, the Indian Government had employ thispolicy to get lower for commonplace enjoyment for non-commercial purposes28.The Government of India had had a policy to O.K. development programs for all greathearted metropoliss, while bring countries for building of public comfortss such as roads, schools, infirmaries, unfastened infinites, etc. abide in private ownership. The pecuniary overcompensatement has excessively dear(predicate) and impractical. This state of affairs in India has comparable to drawn-out urban route undertakings in Vietnam where the compensation cost has reached 80 % of the entire cost of the undertaking. Apart from the financial facets, these undertakings ever obligate faced resistance from the population.In some large metropoliss of India, an separate mechanism for compensation, the Transferable Development Right had granted on shoot downs have reserved for unfastened infinite, roads, comfortss and public Peoples with movable development rights have had the right to build houses on their remaining land after a portion had been acquiredby the citys authorization, or in other land which has had higher entertain, or to reassign the movable development rights to other great deal. In the Mumbai in India, people whose lands have been converted to public habit could take to have pecuniary compensation or movable development rights. The movable development rights had been granted in the physique of the Development Rights Certificates. The Transferable d evelopment rights have a financial judge, depending on the supply-demand in the building market. It may be transferred to people, entirely it may non be mortgaged at the Bankss.The issue of Development Rights Certificates has to make a movable development rights market, which has had certain impacts on existent estate market, the land market, urban development market and the procedure of land transition for urban development. Puting up the movable development rights market has a appropriate manner to assist implement the mean aims of development with low compensation costs.It has besides created an easy manner to develop public substructure and has helped people capable to lands reserve for public practise to do perchance more money from the movable development rights market.In Vietnam, a mechanism to publish movable development rightss demands to be carefully analyse beforea possible pilot strategy has been implemented in a selected metropolis. Application of the theoretical mark could be decided after thriving pilot surveies. In Vietnam, the construction of the hold dear of land has different from that in other states.In some states, there has no difference between be after and unplanned land, but at that place has a difference between land with development rights and land without them. For illustration, the cling to of a movable development rights in India has the difference in the value of land between hoidenish land and non-agricultural land in Vietnam. This has showed the practical troubles in application of the movable development rights in Vietnam.However, an in deepness survey of movable development rights should to be undertaken together with a survey of why agricultural land monetary values have increase aggressively after an administrative determination has been made to change over the land to non-agricultural land. movable development rights can hold another signifier of application in Vietnam. The Chinese theoretical account of land transition has similar to the execution of industrial zone building in Vietnam. In the off train printing phase, land for non-agricultural development has been designated on the footing of sanctioned land usage programs prepared for land recovery from current land-users and for storage allocation to investors. In the 2nd phase, requisition form of the land from agricultural collectives has been undertaken through administrative powers with payment of compensation in hard currency or sort. In the 3rd phase, substructure investors have authorized the land and have prepared substructure such as roads, grading, power, sewage, H2O, environmental and webs, treating systems. The sites have so maked or transferred to industrial or benefit investors via cipher dialogue, a command procedure, or land auctions.The difference between the theoretical accounts of the two states has in the 2nd phase. The land in China has been healed from agricultural collectives and in Vietnam the land has been recovered from families or persons. In Vietnam, the severalise allocates or rentals land non merely for large undertakings utilizing common substructure, but besides straight for undertakings of service nature or an industrial after curb choice of the investors or by landauction or undertaking command together with land usage. The lessons have learned from the Chinese experiences have to happen a suited bound for application of mandatory land acquisition. This system may be applied to large undertakings which require a primary investor for readying of the common substructure have been followed by the primary investor leasing or reassigning the sites to industrial or service investors via direct dialogue, offering procedure or land auctions.The Korean theoretical account of land transition has had some points that can be considered for application in Vietnam.In Korea, the Government has established land districting programs for industrial and residential countries which have been so developed through land readjustment strategies. The undertaking costs and net incomes have been shared among some secret plans and the landholders have been given back to landholders. The Korea devour Cooperation has been allowed to implement urban development plans this brass instrument has similar to the Land development organisation in Vietnam.This mechanism has allowed people to recapture most of the undertaking benefits and to supply inexpensive service sitesto building companies. Under the Urban Development Law ( 1999 ) , private developers have been permittedto suggest urban development undertakings every bit long as they have obtained blessing from two tierces of the landholders. In Vietnam, betterment of the Land development organisations could be considered to reform the autocratic land transition system.Some facets of the land monetary value assessment process piloted in Ho Chi Minh metropolisThe Peoples Committee of Ho Chi Minh City have decided to use the pr ocess of land monetary value appraisal to make the market-based monetary value of land to find land value and compensation. The land monetary value appraisal service has been supplied largely by the Southern center of attention for Consulting and Price Assessment Services ( Ministry of Finance ) and the Centre for Price Assessment of the Ho Chi Minh City ( Department of Finance, Ho Chi Minh City ) . In an interview with the first Centre, the manager noted The land monetary value rating procedure has an nonsubjective agencies to help in making consensus between Stateorganic structures and has affected people. The heavy method for agricultural land rating has based on income from agricultural production has non been aligned with the market monetary value of agricultural land. Application of the legal method for non-agriculture land rating for undertaking investing have based on the comparing of the land with other similar land brushs troubles in happening similar land with a simila r investing potency. There have no market based land monetary value databases for application of the comparing method to non-agriculture land monetary value appraisal. Affected people are utilizing the public services of land rating but there have no ordinances on the declaration of land monetary value differences.The land monetary value appraisal process for land compensation and relocation should be developed for application in all states. To explicate a suited legal ideal, several surveies and pilot activities have been needed. Apart from the legal facets, the building of a land monetary value database should be undertaken asshortly as possible.The Land Law 1987, the 2nd session of National meeting VII has adopted this Law on December 29,1987 and it came into consequence on January 1st, 1988.This jurisprudence has consisted of 6 chapters and 57 articles have constructed on the footing of the State-subsidized theoretical account on land. The chief contents item land allotment by the State for the usage of organisations, families andpersons the land perplexity system the system of land usage for wood land, agricultural production land, land for particular utilizations and fresh land, residential land the rights and duties of the land-users andthe system of land usage for foreign organisations and persons. This jurisprudence had had merely trinity articles modulatingthe land transition system with the undermentioned content ( I ) The State recovers land when the land would be usedfor the intent of the State or public involvement ( two ) Those who has used agricultural and forestry land have been allocated by the State who has wished to change over this land to industrial and service intents may pay land compensation to the State and so this compensation would be used to develop the resources of the land ( three ) If the current land user has non continued to necessitate usage of the land, the State woull recover the land to apportion to others and t he current the land user would be make up for belongings on the land ( four ) If the land in current usage has been recovered by the State to utilize for the intents of the State or public involvement, the current land-user will be compensated for losingss and allocated with other land.Harmonizing to these ordinances, the land users have received land allocated by the State to utilize, but had no had belongings rights on that land every bit good as no land traffic rights. The land-user merely has had ownership of the belongings on the land in which they has already invested. Land transition has been carried out under the compulsory mechanisms decided by the State.The Governments codessteering execution of the Land Law 1993, the Law of 1998 on amendmentand supplementation of the Land Law, the 2001 Law on amendment and supplementation of the Land Lawand the two regulations on rights and duties of organisations utilizing land.During the cogency of the Land Law 1993 ( 15th October, 1993 1st July, 2004 ) , the Vietnam Government had issued 30 edicts including 3 edicts on general land direction on revenue enhancement on land usage are 4 and transferred of land usage rights on land enrollment are 3 on land monetary values are 7, land usage honorariums, land rental and cadastral charges on land compensation on land recovery by the State are 2 and on land rental and system of land usage for all land classs and land allotment by the State and, rights and duties of land-users are 13 edicts. Amongthe edicts steering execution of the Land Law, there have 3 groups of edicts that dealt with landtransition mechanisms. These have the group of edicts on compensation on the States recovery of land( associating to mandatory land transition ) . The group of edicts on the land leased and allocated by theState, political science of land usage for all land classs, rights and duties of land-users ( associating to voluntaryland transition ) and the group of edicts on land mo netary values, land usage fees, land lease ( associating to both landtransition systems ) . These edicts specifically include Decree No. 90-CPof 17th August, 1994 stipulates compensation for losingss caused by the Statesrecovery of land for usage in intents of national defence, security and national and public involvements.The compensation rule is that compensation for losingss in land would be made through the allotmentof rising land in the same class as the land had been recovered. If the State could non happen other land forallotment or the individual whose land has been recovered does non bespeak compensation in land, a payment would be made with the value calculated on the footing of the land monetary value has inform by the provincial peoples commission in conformity with the model of land monetary values have stipulated by the Government in Decree No. 87-CP dated 17th August, 1994. All belongings have associated with the land would be compensated for by a heart and soul eq uivalent to the bing value of the belongings at the standard monetary value has set by the State. This edict has non stipulated support for residential remotion, work break and new occupation preparation, etc incomplete does it qualify the relocation mechanism, but chiefly compensation in hard currency to help with the building of a new abode. Decree No. 22/1998/ND-CPof twenty-fourth April, 1998 on compensation for losingss when the State recoversland to utilize for the intents of national defence, security and national and public involvement.This Decree replaced Decree No. 90-CP of 17th August, 1994. The land monetary value has used to cipher compensation in this Decree has been decided by the metropolis peoples commission multiplied by a coefficient in order to guarantee compatibility with the monetary value of land usage rights on the market. The individual capable to recovery ofresidential land had been compensated for the land country at the degree determined by the provincia l peoplescommission. Properties associated with the cured land had been compensated by a sum equivalent tothe bing value of these belongingss plus a amount stand foring a per centum of the bing value of thebelongingss. However, the sum of the belongings compensation may non be higher than coke % and non lowerthan 60 % of the original value of the belongings. This Decree have besides stipulated the support for people whoseland has been recovered, such as support for disrupted productiveness and stableness, remotion and new occupation preparation.The edict particularly has stipulated the building of relocation locations and delegating residential land tofamilies in the relocation location. Decree No. 11-CPof 24th January, 1995 on have detailed commissariats for execution of the regulationon duties of foreign organisations, the rights and persons utilizing land had leased by the State.This edict have stipulated the down commissariats for the ways in which the State may rent land to f oreignorganisations and persons and the rights of foreign land-users as in the Regulation on the rights andduties of foreign organisations and persons utilizing land leased by the State in Vietnam. Decree No. 18-CPof 13th February, 1995 on has detailed commissariats for execution of the Regulationon the rights and duties of domestic organisations utilizing land leased and allocated by the State.This Decree has stipulated the elaborate commissariats for the States allotment of land without a land usage fee andthe States leasing of land and rights applicable to domestic land-users as mentioned in the Ordinance on rights and duties of domestic organisations utilizing land leased and allocated by the State. The Decreeparticularly focuses on the right to mortgage land usage rights and land usage rights as a part as capital. Decree No. 85-CPof 17th December, 1996 on commissariats for execution of the Regulation on therights and duties of domestic organisations utilizing land leased and al located by the State.This Decree is rather similar to Decree No. 18-CP of 13th February, 1995. It has stipulated the elaborate commissariats for the States allotment of land with a land usage fee as mentioned in the Regulation on amendment and supplementation of on rights and duties of domestic organisations utilizing land have been leased and the Ordinance on rights and have been allocated by the State. Decree No. 04/2000/ND-CPof 11th February, 2000 on implementing the Law on amendment andsupplementation of the Land Law in 1998.This Decree has guided the execution of the Law which clarifies the States allotment of land with andwithout a land usage fee, the States leasing of land with a individual payment or one-year payment and land usageright transportation, rental and part as capital between domestic economic organisations, families,persons. The Decree has besides stipulated elaborate ordinances on the rights of land dealing made by land users. Decree No. 87-CPof 17th August, 199 4 on the model of land monetary values for all classs of land.This Decree has stipulated the model of land monetary values ( lowest to highest monetary values ) for all classs of land.On this footing the provincial peoples commission has issued a land monetary value tabular array for every land location. Themodel of land monetary values in this Decree has much lower than the monetary value of land usage rights transportation on themarket ( 10 % to 30 % ) . The Decree has besides allowed the usage of a coefficient runing from 0.8 to 1.2, by whichthe land monetary value would be multiplied to guarantee compatibility with the specific substructure conditions of urbanland. After lupus erythematosus than a twelvemonth of execution, the Prime Minister had issued Decision No. 302 TTg of 13th May, 1996 to set the coefficient from 0.5 to 1.8. Decree No. 17/1998/ND-CPof 21st March, 1998 on amendment and supplementation of Item 2 Article4 of Decree No. 87-CP of 17th August, 1994 on the model of land monetary values for all classs of land.After 3 old ages of implementing Decree No. 87-CP of 17th of August, 1994, the Government had adjusted themodel of land monetary values so that the lowest monetary value may be reduced by 50 % and the highest monetary value may be increased by 50 % .

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DBQ Essay: Green Revolution Essay

The researches that formed and became the ballpark transition changed the agricultural technologies of umpteen places and peoples. The young innovation was an introduction of a new technology of scientifically bred crops that went worldwide. In 1945 the jet plane transition started as leaders wordsed the issues of hunger and starvation with the parking lot Revolution as the solution, and although it helped many people at the time, the Green Revolution is debated today whether it environmentally crushed many societies or was a worldwide helpful event. The Green Revolution was caused by the people seeing their need to get well starvation and advance technologically within their communities. In text file 3 Harry Truman addresses the issue of poverty and starvation in other countries. He dialogue to the people that the United States should help them realize their aspirations for a better life through technological knowledge. This text file is taken from Harry Trumans inaugur al address in Washington D.C., in 1949. His speech provides an brain wave into Trumans deep concern for the people of the world and the evident need for a change.In document four Dr. Norman states that hunger is a serious issue and vital attribute to a countrys survival, and that the new technology of the Green Revolution could be the solution. This document is taken from the point of view of Dr. Norman Borlaug, a United States scientist involved in Green Revolution research, who is a Nobel Peace respect winner at a Nobel Lecture in 1970. Dr. Norman is a very creditable source with his first hand knowledge of the Green Revolution. In document five Chidambaram, Indias minister for food and agriculture from 1964-1967, describes in his interview the farmers in Punjab and their role in starting the revolution there in attempt to save their people. The world at this time was desperate for a solution to their starvation problems and the Green Revolution was the solution. The Green Revol ution obtained many beneficiaries of its on the loose(p) and productive style.When examining the charts in documents one and two, coming from the very reliable source of Food and Agriculture Organizations of the Untied Nations (FAO), you see the substantial growth of wheat yields in India and Mexico, and the populations along with the food supply index. In document 6 there isa conversation about the Mexicans and how they have chosen to use their riches benefitted from the Green Revolution. This document is written from Mrs. Dulas opinionated point of view, a wife of a Mexican agricultural official. She condescendingly makes a remark about how the Mexican woman love to save the money, only to go out once a month to spend it all shopping in Tuscon. In document nine taken from the Human Development Report issued by the State of Punjab, India in 2004, it shows us the positive social effect that occurred there because of the Green Revolution. The coterie system disappeared as the middl e and peasantry classes arose because of farming.Also within the Punjab communities, the new lifestyle attained from the Green Revolution produced a more nuclear and close-knit family that benefited Punjab. The Green Revolution saved many from starvation, increased success in various places, and positively bear upon the societies. Alongside many benefits of the Green Revolution, some documents conclude many problems that negatively touch on people who participated in the Green Revolution. In document seven, taken from the FAO newsletter circa 1987, the role of women is clearly shown to change within the household. Women now had to be forced into low paid or unpaid agricultural labors because of the increased needs for cash incomes. In document eight Dr. Vandana Shiva wrote in her article about how Punjab has suffered from the Green Revolution. Although Punjab is known as one of the most successful places because of the Green Revolution, she explains how two decades of the revolut ion have left them with conflict over lessen water sources and indebted and discontented farmers. In document 10 the Mayans are largely saddened by the misuse of their precious seeds. The Green Revolution sterilized and polluted the seeds that were a proud aspect of Mayan heritage, leaving the Mayans unhappy after standing firm defending the seeds after five thousand years.These negative effects of the Green Revolution stay with some places still today and are considered to have altered beautiful farming lands. The documents given gave an insight far into the Green Revolution and what really happened within the areas it took place, although other additional documents would be helpful as well. A document of a letter or interview of the farmers in Punjab at the time of the revolution would be helpful to clarify how the farmers felt about the work of the Revolution, if it was strenuous or simple. This would allow an accurate idea of how the revolution affected the people who made itp ossible. Another document of journal or interview of an impoverished person within the places that starvation took hold would be helpful. This would allow insight on whether the countries really wanted the help of the Green Revolution, not just the acknowledgement by other countries, like in document three, of their impoverished state.The documents given about the Green Revolution provide evidence about the truth of the causes and consequences of it. The Green Revolution began in 1945 because of our realization of the issues that prevented countries from aspiring to their true potential, and with that acknowledgement the Green Revolution came into play as a hug advancement in agricultural technology that helped many people as it also negatively affected others. Whether the Green Revolution was good or bad for the areas it took hold in, its effects can be seen today and analyzed.

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Oakhills Faciities

TIMOTHY C WELLSOAK HILLS FACILITYOCTOBER 10, 2010 CASE STUDY WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC musical note PROBLEMS OAK HILLS IS FACING AND HOW WILL THEY INFLUENCE THE COMPANYS ABILITY TO veer TO A LEAN SYSTEM. a. In there batch settle outline if there is a machine or suppler failure it increases customer lead times and reduces inefficiency. b. BlackDome, is often late on deliveries placed by EE. This is due to rush orders organism placed. on that point is a intercourse problem EE and Oak Hills. Oak Hill has no information on new projects from EE.They argon used to an environment of lets place a rush order and this is a problem because this requires Oak Hills to have a lot of raw materials in inventory. There is no way for them to rush foreign odes due to stringent U. S. Paperwork. Also this volition only work with US orders. For this to work they need better communication and need to make ER responsible for there forecast of demand to reduce rush orders. WHAT CHANGES IN THE MANUFACTURI NG ENVIRONMENT NEED TO BE UNDERTAKEN TO CONVERT THE CURRENT SYSTM TO A LEAN SYSTEM? THINK ABOUT THIS FROM BOTH A SHORT TERM AND A LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE. a.The communications moldiness be improved. Employees do not know what is going on and this causes them to be upset about the stability of their positions. The constant rush orders is also an issue, because of the strain it puts on the employee. b. They need to reduce the inventory to free up space. Oak Hill must also plan to change their layout of their building to implement a race strategy. HOW WILL THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A LEAN SYSTEM IMPACT EMPLOYEES, AND WHAT CAN BE DONE TO SMOOTH THE TRANSITION? a. An improved move system will allow employees to work together and get bonuses based on what the team produces.Right now employees run around like chickens with their heads cut off or are doing nothing. A lean system will improve production and allow it to flow better. Employees state of mind will also change, because there will be less stress in the workplace. AT WHAT STAGE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SUPPLY CHAIN IS OAK HILLS AND WHAT CAN BE DONE TO cleanse THE SUPPLY CHAIN? a. They need to do more work on researching what E is ordering to lessen the lead time of rush orders. The batch flow system does not work well. This is very little communication between the departments and this needs to change to improve the supply chain.Oak Hills is onerous to go from a system of mass production to a custom-ed product. FOR OAK HILLS, WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN DEMAND MANAGEMENT AND THE SUPPLY CHAIN? a. Restructuring the plant to a lean system will allow for more available span which could be used to introduce and line of products. I think that controlling the demand is the most important chance of Oak Hills successful lean strategy. It will allow them to reduce their lead time and have no buildup of WIP inventory. The sensor boards were packed to prevent damage, but , because of the special(a) space on a few could be held in the area.With more space, Oak Hills can store more boards and be held in the area, making for a more efficient process,. WHAT SHOULD OAK HILLS DO? WHAT PROBLEMS MIGHT OCCUR IN IMPLEMENTING YOU RECOMMENDATIONS AND HOW CAN THES PROBLEMS BE AVOIDED OR NEUTRALIZED? a. I feel that they should implement the lean strategy. As I said above. This will improve efficiency and employee morale. I feel they will have a major issue in trying to implement this strategy with the foreign orders processing. Foreign orders are the bulk for Oak Hills, and I feel that there are to many constraints with the U. S. Paperwork.

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Aurora Shooting Response Paper

The bind published in the New York Times July 22, 2012 by Jack Healy entitled Suspect Bought Large Stockpile of Rounds online, addresses an absence seizure of laws regulating the sale of ammunition. Jack Healy is a rocky mountain correspondent for the New York Times, and has reported on the war in Iraq from Baghdad. Healys article elicits good activated eng get on withment with the contributor, but it is essentially lacking sound logical arguments and ethical credibility. Aurora stroke suspect James Holmes secured a 6,000 rounds of ammunition prior to the shooting in Aurora Colorado.Holmes purchased bulletproof vests and a high capacity 100 round drum magazine. Holmes was a college graduate with a clean wretched background. Holmes was legally able to purchase firearms and ammunition in Colorado and nationwide. States such as Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and several cities have laws regarding the sales of ammunition. These laws include licensing, permits and requir ing gun stores to throttle records of ammunition purchased. According to Healy, Holmes used a black com humansdo style outfit as well as other tactical gear during shooting. jurisprudence apprehended him outside the theater still wearing the bulletproof vest, and carrying four handguns. Healy argued how Gun-control groups said the purchases of the ammunition demonstrated how easily anyone could build a veritable armoury without attracting attention from law-enforcement officials. Healy quotes Tom Mauser, a gun-control advocate, to exemplify this point, its a wide open marketplace Healy states that ammunition and arms websites are prolific online, and buyers can purchase almost anything firearm related including ammunition.Healy quotes Gov. John W. Hickenlooper of Colorado, a Democrat, that the polisher might have built a bomb or found some other lethal device if no assault weapons had been around. Healy concludes the article with a quote from Dudley Brown, the executive directo r of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners saying I band 6,000 round of ammunition running low. I think that the article by Jack Healy was reasonably well written, and it was emotionally engaging for the reader.The logos of the article is fundamentally flawed due to the lack of logically sound and accurate conclusions. Finally the article loses its ethical integrity when the authors bias becomes apparent to the reader. Healys article contains bias for the principle of ammunition sales, as well as confusing terminology. The article contains contradictory and inaccurate facts, and quotes selected for emotional impact rather than relevance and purpose. First I allow for address some of the logical contradictions in the article.Healy said Unhindered by federal background checks or g all overnment oversight, the 24-year-old man was able to build a 6,000-round arsenal legally and easily over the Internet, exploiting what critics call a virtual absence of any laws regulating ammunition sales In this quote Healy leads the reader to believe that there are no laws, and no regulation regarding ammunition sales. Later in the article Healy admits there are laws restricting ammunition sales in Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey as well as cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento.Healy contradicts his earlier point by highlighting the states that do have laws regarding the sales of ammunition. This contradiction leaves the reader not knowing which conclusion is valid. The second flaw in the articles logic is the argument that the sale of ammunition is unregulated, and without government oversight. This main theme that is accede throughout the article is technically inaccurate. According to smartgunlaws. org, a nonprofit gun law education website, thirty-two states have laws regulating unreasonably dangerous ammunition, this is over half of the states.Sixteen states have laws regarding age restrictions and the purchase of ammunition. According to Smartgunslaws. org the majority of states have laws concerning ammunition purchases, laws concerning purchase of dangerous ammunition, (such as armor piercing), laws concerning minimum age of purchase, or laws concerning the ability of convicted felons to purchase ammunition. One of the other major flaws of this article is Healys illogical use of quotes.Here is one of instances where Healy uses a quote and does not allow in or clarify the quote It is a war tool, Representative Carolyn McCarthy, Democrat of New York, said of the 100-round drum that the police say Mr. Holmes purchased online. Theyre meant to kill. Theyre meant to kill as many people in as short a period of time. Ms. McCarthys husband was among six people killed in 1993 by a gunman on a commuter train Before this quote Healy was talking about a failed 1999 gun control bill.After the quote Healy move to talk about the legislation. Healy stated both republicans and democrats had doubts about the effectiveness of the proposed legislation. The techni cal execution of the quote interrupted the flow of the paragraph. The quote did not fit in the paragraph in a logical manor. Healys quote was deliberately spliced into the article to issue sensationalism needed to make it newsworthy. Healy used the quote to provide a more interesting article, and to appeal to the emotion of the reader.The ethical appeal of the article is compromised by Healy predominately presenting evidence supporting increased gun and ammunition regulation. The article is twenty-seven paragraphs long twenty-five of them are either neutral or support increased regulation of guns and ammunition. Two of the paragraphs expressed opinions opposing an increase in gun and ammunition regulation. By not equally addressing both sides of the issue equally, Healy loses credibility with readers who oppose increasing the regulation of guns and ammunition.Healy does acknowledge the opinion of gun groups with a vague quote, To gun groups, such an unfettered marketplace stands as a bulwark of their Second Amendment rights This is the only place in the article that Healy acknowledges this viewpoint. This quote is not substantial enough to gain the ethical appeal lost earlier in the article. One of the positive attributes of Healys article is his emotional appeal to the reader. Healy uses pictorial quotes and vivid imagery to provoke emotional response, and connection to the reader.Healy takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster throughout the article encompassing all types of emotions. Consider the sideline quote by Healy Three weeks after the purchase, stunned and bleeding witnesses outside the century 16 multiplex in aurora would describe how a man dressed in a black commando-style outfit and a gas mask strode into the where they were watching a midnight screening of The Dark Knight rises, tossed some gas-spewing grenades into the packed auditorium and opened fire.In this sentence by Healy uses extremely graphic imagery to create an appeal to path os in the article. Sentences like the one above are mixed in throughout the article along with facts about ammunition laws, and quotes. Healy uses emotion to keep the audience reading, throughout the article. Healys appeal to pathos is whole and well-constructed throughout the article.

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Television is unhealthy for children

Why spend life with villainy? Life is too short to have such negativity. It takes a lot of hurt, and anger, and betrayal for me to hate nighone. Love and hate are two things that go hand in hand but in complete diametral ways. You can make me mad or say hurtful things and I will orgive you, but when you disappoint me and betray me over and over again is when hatred takes its place.When I think of the words love and hate I think of my father. It all began for as long as I can remember my pascal always had a drinking problem. IVe never seen my father sober even till today every time I see him he has some kind of beer or alcoholic beverage in his hand. Alcoholism is a disease that my father is very sick with. He grew up with two sisters and a brother. He wasnt raised in a great household.My grandmother and grandfather got divorced when my father was about five years old but he was abused everyday by both my grandmother and grandfather. This brings me to my story. When I was about th ree years old my parents fought everyday about my fathers drinking problem as it progressively escalated with time. My mom worked overnights at childrens hospital, while my father was supposed to be watching me and my sisters.

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Franchise Support

UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH BG33303 PENGURUSAN PEMASARAN FRANCAIS Chapter 20 Summary NAME MATRIX NUMBER Safrina bte Ahmad Shah BB10110567 Julianne Wing BB10110274 Mohammad Harith b. Elias BB10110334 Norhanim bte Hj. Yasin BB10110442 Norhafizah bte Kasman BB10160784 Ching Siok Chun BB10110093 Franchise Support Constructive support of immunity is Coperni fag end for effective operation and overall victory of the franchise governance. Franchise support of franchises is important because it will develop and maintain sufficient and improve communication skills betwixt the franchisee and franchisor.The franchise support serve up will check up on take inability, self-employment, striving to be successful, opportunity for maturement, and a success or failure story. Opportunity to earn remuneration is the major driving force for people to start a franchise business. Franchise service support act as an intermediaries in between the franchisor and franchisee in providing provision, sug gestions to maintain strong sales and improve profit margin to the franchise business. Regarding the self-employment matter, this franchise support service provides methods, programs, and suggestions for improving and assists in solving problem.In order to give-up the ghost successful in the franchise business, the franchise support staff should offer praise, encouragement, and instruction to the franchisee because working in the positive environment will ensure success to the franchised business. Franchise support services help franchise business to grow by introducing spick-and-span harvesting and services, marketing techniques, and cargonfully be after promotional case will help franchisees to keep a positive outlook on the business and continue to look for alternative to expand business and increase profit margin.The success or failure story of the franchise business is conditiond by the management group on how they manage their business properly. Getting the discipline employees with good discipline, giving good hospitality services, working environment is comfort and relaxing, and others show that the franchise supports service assists them in order to maintain the high quantity of the franchise system and vice versa. COMMUNICATION As we know, communication is very(prenominal) important factor in daily business activities.Communication involves individual or stem in particular businesses. In franchising, a good communication process is very important for the franchisor and the franchisee. Information system that been used by franchise system should be clearly and easy to link with other function and decision making as well. The more effective the communication, the more effective the supervision. There are several communication tools that are typically been used to deliver the information First is telephone.It is highly effective mode of communication, because it is more faster and get 2 way communication. Telephone contacts are important to keep the franchisee informed almost the plan and activities for parent company, to evaluate franchise performance of record and also to permit the franchisee know what assistance to expect from the franchisor. Phone contact can be set up in many ways, much(prenominal) as through planned telephone calls. These actually to develop interrelationship between franchisor and franchisee in order to retain the support between them.Usually planned calls are to discuss the sales level, product and service support, promotional plans and also to raise any questions given by the franchisee. Second are spontaneous telephone calls. It is actually to boost the morale and feelings of interdependency of the franchisee and the franchisor These kind of calls actually can help the franchisor to understand the immediate concerns of the franchise, get a feel for the franchisees general attitude over time and determine if there is nything the parent company could or should be doing over and above the r egular services its providing. While the third one is conference calls. These calls being conducted by contacting several franchisees at the same time. Letter or earlier phone contact should be prearranged to ensure the attendance of franchisees within a district field of operations or region. These calls usually to inform the franchisee about the current plan of franchisor such as promotional activities, new product and services, and new contest or node relation project.Another communication method is internet websites. It helps people to get connected with other people around the world. Same goes to franchise, all business activities can be conducted through internet such as processing orders from suppliers and channel members and do promotion. For franchise, it can expand internet into intranet where it allows the franchisees to access their information system by victimization secret password. By this way, franchisees can read the report and also any updated issues or activiti es provided by the franchisor.Chat room is available for them to do the conversation and discussion about certain issues. Moreover, franchisor and franchisee also can work together through extranet, where they can make their order after review the suppliers products. Next is email. email is more convenient to use in order to send any documents or messages to other functional members, suppliers, staffs, different companies, family member and also between franchisor and franchisee. This is because, email can save their costs and required less time compared to other communication methods.Through email, the messages can deliver faster to the other parties and also get their feedback. despicable on to the next communication tool is mail contacts. Mail contacts are mails that are in forms of newsletters and activity reports that are distributed for the purpose of providing instructions, supplying advertizing, promoting materials and discussing any legitimate matters that turns. In oth er words, mail contacts communication are follow-up information that are resulted from conference calls, issues or questions raised by franchisee, spontaneous calls or suggestions for advertising promotions.These letters are sent by sales manager or the president of the franchise system all for the purpose of assuring a act support and service from the main office. Last but not least are visits. Visits are one of the communication tools that come in the form of mortalal, support-service and readying visits. Personal visits are very important to a franchisee when it is especially done by a representative of the main franchise home office such as the president, vice president, franchising directors and many more.Personal visits can be known as an excellent public relations tool which is effective for solving and addressing problems that may arise from the company. Whereas for support-service visits, the purpose of these visits are for helping and aiding the franchisee in order to resolve the problems in its operations by providing hints in dealing with the rapid change in warring conditions. As for procreation visits, it is where visits are made by home office staffs that are involved in the preopening and grand opening education of respective franchises but for the purpose of the value of royalty fees being returned to the business.FRANCHISEE TRAINING To developing a readiness operation involves collar major actions by a franchisor designing and implementing a training unit or function, establishing a training location, and developing the training program, including the philosophy, learning and skills to be achieved and the methods to be used in providing the training. Usually a person who was in charge of training program has experience in each major function.There are two critical requirements that must be met by anyone roll in charge of a franchisee training program The person must return knowledgeable about effective training process and must ha ve both depth and breadth of understanding of the operational needs and characteristics that will ensure success in the particular franchised business that essential because need to be able to incorporate into training program (1) production/operations methods of the franchised business, (2) accounting, marketing and personnel practices and (3) effective methods of developing and maintaining constructive franchisor-franchisee relationship.Training function was important to continuity and growth of the franchisee system, the head of training is part of the upper management of the organization. The center is the original location of the franchisor that can prove almost everywhere or can locate regionally. Example insurance company that provided located for training program in their regional in headquarters. Its because to enhance their control of the training process and ensure continuity of subject matters to be presented.Training program usually will take at least five days long an d may last for up to two months and vary well from one franchise system also provided that vary in length, complexity, and subject matter. This training will teach the franchisees and other employees the skills necessary for them to more successful in this business. The objective for training is the skills to be learned, and the training methods to be utilized are carefully put together. From the book or manuals the franchisees can learn the business rather than be taught.Franchisor also provided lectures, group discussions, situational problem analysis, and an independent, hands-on performance under the guidance of experienced trainers was the best business. Other than that the focussing in this program is self-application through actual performance of operational required within the franchised system, whether the training takes place in a training center or on the job at the franchisees own franchised business. Three major component of franchisee training- ) Preopening Training ( Formal ) Preopening training was a first general franchisee training that we will explain. Usually preopening was the most intensive training period. Most franchised require one workweek or 300 hours of opening training. For preopening the training will consists in classroom that acknowledge planning the franchised business, hiring, purchasing, merchandising, advertising, business management, cash and inventory control, and production/operational methods.Franchisees have the opportunity to meet three and twelve or special(a) number of franchisees to discuss their expectations, desires, strengths, and worries with other franchisees as the individually and collectively anticipate running their own operations. After meet for the training franchisees will feel the advice was very helpful in developing loyalty to the franchise system, creating individual within the franchise organization, and learning or improving skills of operations for the franchise.Manual for the operations usua lly include finance, operations, marketing, management, and service/production. Will include audio or videotapes, that can descriptions of all franchise operations and usually include operating procedures suggested or required by the franchisor. A manual was an important thing to both franchisor and franchisees because franchisor not only offers a training approach, but also affords protections incase any dispute or questions arises regarding appropriateness of methods used in training franchisees.But for franchisees, the information they need to know on order to function effectively within the business environment of the franchisor was in the manuals. Lastly, references was already provides to refresh the memory or to solve some problem that arises during a workday. 2) Grand Opening Training ( On-site ) For the grand opening of a franchised business, most franchisor sent either the training manager or a member of the training unit to work with the new franchisee. Grand opening trai ning consists of one to two weeks of in-depth work experience in which the trainer assists the franchisee with grand opening of business.They are trains the staff in operating procedures associated with service/production, finance, marketing, and operation. The franchisor representative lots stays with the franchisee until the newly opened unit is running smoothly, which may take from several days to several weeks. The length of time can vary considerably as a result of the normal difficulties of any grand opening or because of unexpected problems or complexities. For the service-oriented businesses, franchisors provided between two and seven weeks from the time the training begins to the actual grand opening business.This period includes one to three weeks of intensive training at headquarters as well as one to three weeks on on-site training to prepare for forthcoming grand opening. At the time of grand opening, the franchisor representative stays with the new franchisee for the first full week of operation. In this way help both parties, franchisor and franchisee in builds a good business relationship, as the evidence of franchisor commitment and as a return, hopefully earning loyalty, enthusiasm, and team spirit from the franchisee. ) Continuing Training Program ( Postopening ) Some franchisors provide training at quarterly, semiannual or annual meetings between the franchisor and franchisees. Others hold seminars on particular proposition topics of current interest to franchisees as the need arises. Most of the national or international franchise systems provide a regular schedule of training at their headquarters or at the site of the franchisee requesting the training.The training is given during the regular weekly or monthly visit by the field representative to the franchise site and addresses such areas as quality control, financial or accounting methods, advertising or marketing developments, or new methods, equipment, or products and services being introduced by franchisor. There are some franchisors are provided specialized training and advice to some franchisees. In example, a franchisee who has a territory that appears ripe for expansion may receive training in location analysis, market analysis, lease negotiation and construction services.There are many franchising firms provide ongoing training to their franchisees and the employees of the franchisees. Ongoing training varies widely from franchisor to franchisor and from industry to industry. Regional and national meetings for franchisees are a great deal loaded with training opportunities such as marketing updates, industry trends, new product and service developments, franchisor policy and procedure changes, or informal exchanges of ideas among franchisees themselves or between franchisors and franchisees. The most important role in the delivery of continued training is field representative.They often work directly with the franchisee at the business site, providing e xpert counsel, giving on-the-spot management and operational suggestions, providing instructional video or audio materials for the franchisee and employees and serving as a channel for sharing new ideas that a developing across the franchise system. Ongoing training is the primary method for most franchisors to initiate new products or services into the franchise system and also as the ideal vehicle for transferring the knowledge and skills required to keep the franchise system be more efficient.

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No End in Sight to Nursing Shortage: Bottleneck at Nursing Schools

The present care for shortage is a serious unveil which poses a real threat to the future of the healthc be system especially on endurings. Research published last year by ANA predicts that the US will have a shortage of 1 meg nurses by 2020 (http//, a bottleneck at US nursing schools caused more than 42 000 qualified applicants to be turned away in 2006-2007 (p.1623).Nursing experts attributed this shortage to vanadium influencing factors. First, it is mainly collectible to the simultaneous graying of the nurse workforce or the age or retirement of older nurses. Second, umteen are leaving the profession due to overworked and some even migrated to other countries in search for high paying ones.Third, the number (especially the younger generations) entering the nursing profession continues to decline as they estimate the lose of stability and thus tend to choose other careers (American Nurses Association, 2003). Fourth, US nursing schools face a growing faculty shortage, schools lack the physical facilities, as well as few clinical training placements, and limited fund all of these have not been able to keep pace with the demand. Fifth, while it is easy to blame the judicature for this shortage due to lack of funding for nursing programs, however, equally valuable is career burn out. It cant be denied that nursing is one among the many jobs that has a stressful work environment. So, the job itself is responsible for this shortage.Further, has surveyed several students who mentioned that the best careers do not include nursing. Some of the respondents mentioned that the lack of funding and facilities to train newfound nurses, poor working conditions in hospitals and poor salary scale make the nursing profession not a compensatory career.What makes this let go even worse is that question studies have found the shortage is already having a proven, adverse effect on the ability to cause quality healthcare in the US. One important negative effect on patient healthcare is the increased risk of patient deaths as simply there are not enough nurses to nearly care for patients. Another is the increased medical errors arising from many complications because of this shortage. All of this equates to the inadequacy to execute the future health care needs of Americans.Because of all these, patients safety is threatened and health care quality is deteriorating. This is because nurses are greatly responsible for the majority of patient care, as they perform the vital functions in a patients confinement in the hospital and thus providing more face to face services than doctors. But we need to ensure that there are enough registered nurses to meet future demands.What makes this issue even worse is that research studies have found the shortage is already having a proven, adverse effect on the ability to deliver quality healthcare in the US. One important negat ive effect on patient healthcare is the increased risk of patient deaths as simply there are not enough nurses to safely care for patients. Another is the increased medical errors arising from many complications because of this shortage. All of this equates to the inadequacy to meet the future health care needs of Americans.To address this shortage, solutions must be goed in several areas, such as in education, healthcare deliver systems, policy and regulations, and image. This shortage is not solely nursings issue and requires a collaborative effort among nursing leaders in practice and education, health care executives, government, and the media. Thus, the American government, nursing agencies, and other concerned groups have taken some steps to alleviate the nursing shortage such as to increase the number of admissions to the American nursing education and improving working environment to retain nurses.On the other hand, they are pushing for budget changes which they hope to add ress the lack of funding issue of the nursing program. Research has shown that quality of workplace environment and job satisfaction is correlated, which impacts on quality of care and patient outcomes. ANA (2003) urge governments to act swiftly to develop a national health human resource strategy.But there are many barriers to the resolutions as addressing the shortage is really a difficult task. For one, the government itself lack a substantive commitment to the health of Americans and that these barriers has increased due to the different views between policy making and health human resource planning. But if this issue has to be resolved, all concerned groups nurses, hospitals, clinics, and the government should work hand in hand. Many concerned groups believed that an integrated health human resource strategy that includes the mobile licensure and acceptance of those who wish to immigrate or who already reside in the different states of the US is needed to resolve the nursing s hortage.Nurses are vital in the health care system, thus the government, nursing associations, employers, educators, and others have collaborated to address the nursing shortage issue. Nursing has been burdened with societal expectations of selflessness and devotion. Thus, a high ethical and legal standard should be met by all American nurses.The nursing shortage carries with it a lot of implications. Foremost, this has affected the quality and safety of the entire American health care system as nothing is more critical to the health and well being of Americans than safe, sound, and available health care. Thus, the governments, professional associations, educators, administrators and employers have accelerate their efforts to reduce the potential threat of this shortage and thus minimize the potential public risk. Hence, nursing education would flourish and nursing graduates would increase in number. With this, nursing graduates will have a positive job outlook as their demand is h igh. With these efforts, the nursing shortage would come to an end and nurses could provide the Americans with a safe and high quality health care.ReferencesAmerican Medical Association (2007). nary(prenominal)End in Sight to Nursing Shortage Bottleneck atNursing Schools a Key Factor. Vol 298, No. 14. AvailableAmerican Nurses Association. (2003). Planning for the Future Nursing Human ResourceProjections. Available http//, B., Erickson, J. (January 31, 2001) The Nursing Shortage Solutions for the Shortand Long Term Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Vol. 6, No. 1, multiple sclerosis 4.Available http//

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Functionalism: Sociology and Social Order

The practicableist model of how parliamentary procedure whole shebang has many limitations and hardly a(prenominal) strengths. Explain and also asses this diorama. By Sadhana sanba In the study of sociology, functionalist perspective is a view of lodge t don focuses on the path various parts of golf-club have functions and live in a consensus that maintain the stability and genial order of the unit of measurement. Functionalist model of how friendship works tends to focus to be an organized, stable, well integrated outline , in which most members agree on basic apprises which is as called value consensus.However, functionalist theory along situation the other school of theories such as marrxism (conflict theory) and interactionism is criticized for having many limitsaitons of explaining thew cordial phenomenon of its working. Herbert spencer an early functionalist and later emile Durkheim compargons the working of society to the primitive analogy and the way a biologi cal organisms works. Any organisms has a structure- that is , a set of inter-related components, such as head, limbs, a heart lungs and so on.Each of these parts has functions that is a positive and need consequence for the whole system. In th3ee same way, spencer argued , a society has structure. Its inter-related parts ar family, religion, values and norms, friendly elements and so on. Ideally,hence, each of these componenets also has a function that contributes to the boilers suit stability of social system. However, the analogy has many . limmits. it is difficult for use to comp be the way organisms grow to the way society grows and diversify. Is therea social equivalent to the DNA the genetic program present in every species?Does a society really have a series of complementary institution together to make the whole function smoothly to the mutual benefit of all? Although, Modern-structural-functionalism does not press the analogy mingled with a society and an organism an d has subsequently been much refined and modified, however, the functionalist view of how society works still has few strength only Talcott Parson(1951) argues that any society has four functional needs or pre-requisites that need to be met for it to survive these are adaptation ,goal attainment, integration and latency (AGIL).However , his model of societys working has been havily criticized for being bland abd fruitless by the way arsons went about examining society. Parsons also tried to show how consensus based on shared values is essential to social order. He also concluded that the stratified system is historic in mainting consensus in society which, in the other way, conflict theory of karl marx describes as inequality.Parsons and Durkheim ostensibly saw social inequality stratification as a necessary and universal feature of society and that inequality could be mitigated by the prevalence of social mobility completely disregarding the fact that social inquality in a soci ety is a key source of social conflict and dominancy. Also, the functional view of assuming the humans of a meritocratic society i. e, a society where everyone has a equal luck og achieving high social status and reward is not contextual.This kind of role and effects only works if many other features of society are ignored and even distorted.. here, Melvin Tumin (1953) argues that how and why are some social position assumed to be functionally more important than others ? Who decided and how ? The concept of functional satisfication is value laden and deciding which postions are functionally more important than others cannot be done objectively for example the payment that the top football stars in the Uk and the earnings of the prime minister in the same country. The players ears sixer times mored than the political figure .Hence, society always cannot be induced by the material rewards and functional theory maybe dysfunctional and damaging it may generate conflict and antagonism between social strata rather than furthering social integration to which Weberain view explains the dynamics of stratification in modern society with existence of conflicts between owners and workers creating white collar and blue collar workers. Functional view of creating social order an important model of society ,has been criticized for its limitation on the fact that it serves only the selfish ambitions of the rich and powerful.As Durkhein believes t hat society is in its essence its moral codes . The rules and order, the degree competitiveness between people and governmental conducts alleviate to cement and build social order he called them the mechanical and organic principles of solidarity . The description of mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity provides insides about the basic way of forming social order in society which in face scoop shovel Weber argues is more applicable and impliable only in the industrial complex societies and is criticized by Marx for disre garding the miserable , scotchally weak and proletariat as in his words, society.Hence, the phenomenon of collective conscience and value consensus the functionalist theory implies in one way or other inherently conservative that is focused only on a particular social theme. It does not consider that order and conflict exist side by side and as Marx judges is achieved through the domination by the few over the many, and that domination is possible because it reflects the economic great deal of the groups which is constantly unstable as it is based on equality and continuing conflict of interest between those who own the means of production and who dont.In the same way interactionist view of how society works emphasizes that members of societies are not just constrained in their everyday lives by moral codes or by economic relationships but that each individual are actors in each situation they negotiate or tarry to which is also simplifiedly said situational interaction Hence, functionlist perspective is limited with logical problem it embraces,if something in society is recurrent, functionlist say that it must be meeting a need.Functionalism lacks any real power to explain social change or changes. It leans heavily towards describing society in a stable condition and seems to emphasizes the status- quo the media reflect all views, women are domestically oriented, marriages are happy, all individualist are ladened by values and norms that they internalize limiting into it to create social order and so on.Functionalist risk the temptation of dismissing disruptive changes as dysfunctional, even if those changes are necessary, inevitable and beneficial in the long run However functionalist theory perspective is useful in explaining the functions or consequences, that a given element has in society which contribute the stability of the social system as a whole and hence, therefore, insights human beings of their existence and role in a society. Posted byingsa maat906 AM 1 comment 1. BuzzerOctober 9, 2011 931 AM It really helped me a lot. ReplyDelete Add comment

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Professional Ethics

Running head master copy ETHICS Professional morality Donna Noha University of Phoenix Professional Ethics We as comforts are accountable for our honorable conduct. So what are morals? How are ethics different from our ethics? In this paper, I give define what ethics are, describe the significance of professional ethics to care for practice, summarize the purpose and the contexts of the American Nurses Association (ANA) enroll of Ethics, and finally discuss 2 the provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics. So are morals different from ethics? Morals and ethics are similar.Morals are an individuals touch sensation or personal standard of what is right and wrong, whether it is someones conduct, attitude, or character. Ethics can be referred to as beliefs, standards, or morals of a specific group, such as nurses (Blais, Hayes, Kozier, & Erb, 2006). Nursing practice has its give professional ethics. The nursing codes of ethics are formal statements of standards for professional con duct and inform the public of its commitment. What do nurses do with this Code of Ethics? Nurses have more of a moral responsibility due to having noesis in a specialized area to help other people.Duties of a nurse are to cherish and maximize the patient of ofs well-being, even if we are not working. For example, if there is car accident that a nurse witnesses and there are injured people, that nurse has the responsibility to take act within her nursing skills to help the injured. The significance of ethics in nursing practice is very important. Nurses have to think of the lymph nodes health, well being, and their morals instead of only of their own. The ANA created the Scope and Standard of Practice, which include the Nurse Code of ethics. But what does that Code of Ethics entail?The ANA Code of Ethics was designed so that every nurse must act and think certain ways ensuring that the patients rights are protected as well as the nurses rights are protected. The Code of Ethics pr ovides rules and standard for nurses to maintain and press out honest behavior that is expected when practicing nursing in any health care settings. The Code too gives guidance for decision making that concerns ethical issues. ( Hooks & White, 2003) The Code of Ethics consists of nine provisions. The first third provisions deal with fundamental values and responsibilities that the nurse assumes.The next three involve the nurses duties to oneself, accountability, and improvement. The last three discuss the nurses responsibility of professional advancement, collaboration, and the overall concern of military personnel rights (Hooks & White, 2003). Provision two and three of the Code of Ethics for Nurses states the nurses primary commitment is the patient and the nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient. (Blais, Hayes, Kozier, & Erb, 2006) These two provisions fit well together. The main concern is of the patients well being and best interest.This means that the patient is number one priority for the nurse. The nurse impart be that patients advocate and speak on his/her behalf and informs the patient of treatment. For example, when performing minor procedures in my clinic, it is my responsibility to ensure that the patient signs the consent form stating that he/she knows why the procedure is being done, risks and benefits of both the procedure being done or not, and that they have a right to refuse treatment. A bargain of the times, the provider doesnt explain everything, so it is my ethical responsibility to ask questions for the patient so they empathise everything.These provisions have ethical principles of nursing practice that apply to each of the nine provisions. Key ethical principles used in provision two and three include autonomy because the nurse respects the patients decisions. Nonmaleficence and beneficence is also key principles in these provisions. These two are basic principles of nu rsing practice. The nurse will have the patients best interest in mind and will do no harm to the patient. In conclusion, I have discussed what professional ethics are and how they are found on morals and the significance in nursing practice.I also discussed that the purpose of the ANA Code of Ethics is to serve as a standard of practice and that in contains nine provisions. Of those nine, I discussed provision two and three with key principles for those. References Blais, K. , Hayes, J. , Kozier, B. , & Erb, G. (2006). Professional nursing practice Concepts and perspectives. Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson Education, Inc. Hooks, K. G. & White, G. B. (2003). ANAs code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements independent study module. American Nurses Association. Retrieved June 1, 2009, from http//www. nursingworld. org/mods/mod580/cecdetoc. htm

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Dance of Life Essay

The video Dance of Life, created by Edvard Munch in 1900, is a word picture that portrays multitude in different stages of animatenesstime. It portrays two wo custody who seem sad, a third muliebrity who seems happy, and a bunch of other women dancing with men. The painting implies that biography is difficult and that it can be depressing at times, but that it always goes on. The arrangement of the women in a fractional pot acquaints the phases of emotional state. The women on the closing of the half circle are both standing alone. The woman on the far left stands alone, representing youth, and wears dust coat, representing innocence.The woman on the far right stands alone, representing the loneliness of old age, and she wears black, representing death or loss. The women dancing in the background represent the different phases of livelihood and the enjoyment that can be found in every phase of life. The woman in the center of the painting represents the idea of cosmos out of step with the dance of life. She wears a red dress, different from whole the others. Red represents danger or anger which can be perceived as negative, but by painting her in the center the artist respects her unique post in life and implies that her difference from the rest is a positive quality.The way that others are turned towards her represents how people in society center so much of their lives on attention to others decisions. More than half of the painting has a green background representing life and vitality. The top quarter of the painting is a blue corpse of water that simultaneously represent tranquility. The juxtaposition of these two represents the necessity of having balance in your life. The green, as hearty as the people dancing, represent the joy to be found in life. Most of life should be joyous, coupled with the tranquility, silence, and reflection represented by the blue and the trey girls not dancing.The different colors use in this painting represe nt all the different aspects in life and how important it is to acknowledge all of them. The artist doesnt use harsh lines or defined shapes in this painting. All the shapes are brush up and rounded. It really adds to the implication that life flows. The smooth shapes help the painting transition from left to right. The smooth shapes stand up the half circle shape and it all works together to create a path for the marrow to follow. Theres not a large contrast of darkness and light most of the painting is dark except for one column where the sun is, which casts more light on the girl in white.This gives the idea that thithers more light, more carefree-ness in the youth. The entire painting is two dimensional. though there are clearly different rows and elements to this painting, the grass, water, and sky all seem to run together in a flat way. This gives the feeling that we are bigger than life that we are bigger than the problems of the world rough us. The painting has three cen tral points of interest the three women in their different phases of life are get dressed up as the most significant points of the painting.It represents the phases of life and brings to mind the emotions associated with those phases. The young girl in the white dress stands next to flowers which only accentuate the idea of youth and imply that the girl, like the flowers, will alleviate continue to grow. The older woman on the end seems to have a morose, solemn look approximately her. It implies introspection and reflection on the long life shes lived. It gives pause to the conniptioner and causes them to be solemn. atomic number 53 reason the painting conveys its message so well is because of the way the women are set up in contrast to each other.The harmony in the painting is created in the way that the women wear white and the men wear black. It creates a calm background which sets up a better backdrop to set the three women apart. The sun setting over the water creates a sm ooth backdrop and adds an idea of resignment to the painting as though its okay to accept this dance of life as a way of living. unity is completely achieved in this painting as all of the people have something in common be it gender, clothing color, or disposition. This is a closed compositional painting and its emphasized by the circle closing off at the edges of both paintings.It represents the idea of the circle of life and ensures that every aspect of life is contained in the painting. The lines and structure of this painting seem unintentional. The lines of the grass and the separation between the water and the sky arent straight or harsh. Theyre smooth and blurred, creating an intentionally casual dynamic. The point of view of the painter is that life is short and that people are happiest in their youth. The older woman seems to have a look of contrition or regret on her face as she stares at the lady in red.The painter seems to be saying that we, as the viewers, should enj oy our youth and live without regrets. It also gives implications about life and the human hold life is contained in a short circle and passes by quickly. In any phase of life, there are things to be enjoyed and appreciated because life passes by way too quickly. The painters view of the world is that theres good aspects of every part of life. He seems to think that youth is the outgo part of life and that mistakes are central to life. The way that everyone circles around the woman in red represents that life circles around mistakes and trials but that its all surmountable.The painting accurately describes the way that the artist sees the way the life begins and ends the way that we start as the girl in whiteinnocent and hopeful and youngand that we end as the lady in blackfeeling morose and sad and as though life has slipped away all too suddenly. The way that she looks at the girl in red implies that the painter thinks that in our old age all we have to look back on is the choic es we made, the friends we involve to keep, and the happiness that we choose to create. Though this was painted in 1900, it very accurately represents our culture right now.Its a monitor lizard to seize the day, to live for the moment, to make the most of whatever phase of life youre in so that you wont look back at the end of life and regret choices or baffled opportunities. This painting causes me to reflect on my life and the decisions that I make. It makes me want to focus more on being happy with the phase of life that Im in and to appreciate being youthful and carefree. It reinforces the require to not make decisions that will keep me out of the circle. The painting gives the feeling that life is to be enjoyed, and that no matter what it will keep going.

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Economics Terms and Health Care History Essay

IntroductionThe wellnesscargon economics have changed so much oer the years. The changed was because of the evolutionary changes that happened in the United States which cause the dramatic change in the economics medical technology. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the main reasons that moves all things are by health sustentation economics is the money and the money stand by keeps an organization to established and be stable and it is the key to success. One way that the organization is using to alleviate run the business is the cash flow trunk. It run the business and more or lesshow help in fashioning a decision in the future and also learning the healthcare economics. economic science is the science that deals with the carrefourion, distri yetion, and drug addiction of goods and serve or the material welfare of human kind. (Getzen & Moore, 2007).There are some factors that contributed to the evolution of healthcare and these are technology and medical advancement. I f somebody understand the flow of funds and the health care economics started, it will be easier task of planning for the future. Like what I mentioned earlier its the money is the hotheaded force at health care economics. In the past most people paid privately for health care. The funding began all over the years that come more from the health care indemnification. That way the individuals are only paying a portion of the cost of the health care insurance the private insurance will pay the rest. (Getzen & Moore, 2007)The United States technology change because of the supply and demand and new technology system are continuously upgrading and updating to help theincreasing population in United States. Before our epoch people who needs to be treated by a doctor will trade things that they deliver in exchange for the payment of the health service, they did not have any money or they couldnt afford the cost of the health care services. There are times the doctors would trade treat ment for some things such as cotton, livestock, grain and jewelry as the persevering form of Economic Terms and wellness finagle History3payment. These doctors were tradesmen, the patient was paying one hundred percent cost for health care services rendered. As the United Stated progress with the technology and other historical factors, such as The big(p) Depression, a new health care system was made to aid the American population in purchasing medical services.Microeconomics and MacroeconomicsMicroeconomics is how the individuals and organizations make a decision on how to allocate the resources that are available so by allocating the resources they can meet their own or the consumer demands. Macroeconomics is the general population or the health care system as a whole, rather than the individual consumers or organizations. Both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics explained that the supply and demand of the population. Microeconomics distil on the product costs in any given marke t. Macroeconomics explain the price of the product that are sold. Macroeconomics are influenced by inflation, consumer consumption and employment rates.In Microeconomics, the individual that need medical are but do not have health care insurance may continue the treatment until it finish. The health care system that can assist this individual are through Medicaid or Medicare. However Microeconomics affects Macroeconomics. For the patient or the organization with the demands that are not met, the whole system becomes stained.Economic Terms and Health Care History4Gross Domestic ProductGross Domestic Product are consists of total market cheer of all servicesand goods that produced during the specific period of time. (Apollo Group, 2010). This comprises the services and goods that are produce with the market values over a year. The three ways gross market value doctord are expenditures, product flak and income approach. Despite with all approaches the outcomes are identical.Elastici ty and InelasticityThe consumers determined the elasticity same as the cost of the products by supply and demand. If the consumer agreed that the product is important or essential, then the cost of the product may be higher, most of the time consumer will continue to purchase the product out of necessity and still volition to play a higher price. So if the product or service is in such a great demand and consumer still willing to purchase regardless of its costs, then it is considered inelastic. go forth and DemandThe Supply and Demand played an important role in the society. It has influenced the prices and the quantities of the product available. This is where microeconomics and macroeconomics get affected. If thither are no demand of the products then the supply of the product gets affected. The supply of the product will be limited if there are no demands. If the demands is a lot, then the supply would be limited as well, it is because of how much the product is sold and the qu antity of the supplier can sell the product. The consumer always consider the cost of the products, by this it determine the supply and demand of the product.Economic Terms and Health Care History5ConclusionEconomics is part of our health care industry, it can be used to predict the costs in the health care humankind by supply and demand, microeconomics and macroeconomics, service elasticity and inelasticity.Economics Terms and Health Care History6ReferencesGetzen and Allen 2007, Healthcare Economicshttp//

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Chemistry Module 6 Separation of a Mixture of Solid Essay

This lab try out was conduct and taught based upon the primary centering and introduction to medleys. With this lab I was able to determine and execute the proper separation of a kind of solids through various means, such as evaporation and filtration. Using these techniques presented the separation of different ingredients from a mixture was conducted based upon the usage of individual physical properties of each substance presented in the mixture. .ObservationsThroughout this experiment I noted several things. For example as I was heating the lynchpin I totally forgot to put over the top to prevent splatter. Although I did heat the mixture at a much slower speed, this resulted in a loss of sample, further impacting my overall results and contributing to my percent error totals, as the gritstone was sparkly and slightly splattered. Also, I noted my stirring rod, along with the other(a) tools apply, had a bit of solution link to them. Although minuet in amount I should d evote weighed and taken note upon the mass of my materials before and after the procedures.QuestionsA. How did your proposed Procedures or flow charts at the beginning of this experiment compare to the actual Procedures of this lab exercise?B. Discuss say-so advantages or disadvantages of your proposed Procedure compared to the one actually used.C. How would you explain a sand recovery percentage that is higher(prenominal) than the original sand percentage?D. What were potential sources of error in this experiment?A.) The methods I proposed were highly like to the instructions used in the labpaq manual. Just as declared in the instructions, I would accommodate used the attractiveness to relegate iron fillings, but I would have thought lastly upon evaporation for the sand separation and used the filter. B.) A potential disadvantage of simply filtering out the sand, is that fact that the benzoic unpleasant substance, that was not completely dissolved could have too be filtered o ut. Also in the filtering of iron with the magnet I would have never thought to use a bag.C.) I could explain a sand recovery percentage that was higher than that of the original sand percentage, as simply a contamination of the other substances left within the sand, such as if the sand were not completely dry as at that place would still be water that would be included in the measured value, or possibly the benzoic acid? D.) The potential sources of error found in this experiment could include the was heating the sand I completely forgot to cover the top to prevent splatter, removing the mixture out of the ice before adequate crystal had occurred,. Possibly having the sand, NaCl, or benzoic acid sticking to the iron, also maybe incomplete drying.How did your flow plot for completing the separation compare to what was really done in the experiment? Were there any advantages or disadvantages to performing the separation the way you first thought it out? Discuss these advantages and disadvantages in the context how the draw near might affect the measurement of some of the materials you separated.My flow diagram thought out prior to the conducting of this experiment was carried out well. The methods I proposed were highly similar to the instructions used in the labpaq manual. Just as stated in the instructions, I would have used the magnet to separate iron fillings, but I would have thought lastly upon evaporation for the sand separation and used the filter. I thought it was rather clear to use the magnet for the iron filings, but really did not have an educated guess for how to separate the rest.A potential disadvantage of simply filtering out the sand, is that fact that the benzoic acid substance, that was not completely dissolved could have too be filtered out. Also in the filtering of iron with the magnet I would have never thought to use a bag. All together these simple differences, although minuet could have greatly modify my results and manipulated the entire data table.

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Product Launch Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Product Launch Plan - Essay ExampleNonetheless, the target consumers are shopping center class groups, who are highly involved in the media-saturated world attributable to things like advertisements, internet and mobile phone. Company SWOTT analysis Strengths The company is located in Italy, which is a company that is associated with a usance of pioneering output signal of wine-coloured. In fact, this is a tradition that would enable the company to have a good reputation and the customers forget have confidence in their products (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). The company will be situated in company that has cordial climate conditions, given that Italy is countries that cover an area attributed to different types of climatic zones in this case, this will provide rarefied location for increased productivity of grapes used for making wine. In 2011, trends of wine sales were attributed to establishment of raw concept, which are contrasting with the France conservative culture (Marin i & Tepponen, 2012). In fact, France has a market of wine that is highly combative due to introduction of flavored wines. Weaknesses Structures of Italian vineyards lack a specific strategy given that it is highly heavy with small wineries that are owned by families and this have a negative impact on issue (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). The company is likely to face challenges due to unfamiliarity with French culture and their customs in fact, this may have a negative impact on the effort to venture into the market (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). Opportunities In France, at that place are potential customers, who have developed tastes and preferences for wine in fact, they are able to rank these products establish on value over volume leading to willingness to pay high prices per unit price (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). there are opportunities derived through wine intelligence in France market, whereby there are models being developed to still market growth and ascendancy of wine thus, t he consumers will develop ways of distinguishing between various categories of wine (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). On the other hand, the company can focus on establishing a single brand with accord in quality, taste and it will be associated with Italy. Threats France market has been surpassed by other markets such as Australia and Britain thereby a decision to venture this market poses a threat of reduced profitability compared to other markets (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). thither are other threats emanating from a decrease in the number of wine drinkers in fact, this is a tradition has been introduced in the market, despite high per capita among consumers in the market. The competition There are increased chances that Italy will have their position of being leaders in the market of wines due to stiff competition from other countries such as Australia, America, Chile and South Africa. However, Italy has attained a competitive advantage based on merchandise strategies, whereby they p romote products through captivating images (Fernandez-Cruz, 2003). Nonetheless, this competition has led to a decrease sales of wine in Italy in fact, analysis in 2010 indicates that the country lost to their leading position to South Africa, which attained xx percent market share. Therefore, this